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 Mine forslag til flyruter her

Updated: January, 2009

This site is for people interested in the rich culture of Cape Verde islands, whether it be literature, music, strip weawing,
or other aspects of this fascinating little country.
Maintained by Olav Aalberg,Norway. E-mail: badiu "

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Kriolu language and identity



Batuku (batuque) and tabanka (tabanca)

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Public Capeverdean sites, including political parties

International organisations in Cape Verde

Flags current and historic flags

Oril–the classic West African game

OMCV - Capeverdean women´s association (currently out of function) OMCV celebrates the Capeverdean women´s day March 27th.

OMCV (Cape Verdean Women’s Organization) is a non-profit social service agency that promotes and supports
women’s development and education.

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This Cape Verde site is for in depth information on Capeverdean culture.
We appreciate serious comments aimed at improving the quality of the site.

In Norway, there are 329 persons with Capeverdean parent(s) (2005 public statistics ). Of these, 261 were born in Cape Verde