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Our favourite books and music


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Updated October 2004

Iduino, leader of the band Ferro GaitaZé Henrique and Paulino Vieira, great Capeverdean musicians and composers

Left: Iduino from Ferro Gaita and his biggest fan, our son, Jonas. Right: 2 great composers; Zé Henrique and Paulino Vieira.


Our favorite books on Cape Verde:

Getting to know Cape Verde? This is our suggestion on how to begin:

Almeida, Germano

As memórias de um espírito (2002) funny story about the story of a man´s love and loves, told by his spirit after his death..

Almeida more funny than ever! His debut novel, The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Araujo, is translated into several languages. English: New Directions Publishing; (June 2004)  ISBN: 0811215652

Almeida, Germano

The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Araujo

Hes debut novel is translated into several languages.
This one in English: New Directions Publishing; (2004)
 ISBN: 0811215652

Carreira, Antonio

The people of the Cape Verde Islands - Exploitation and Emigration

Cape Verde never was a paradise for its inhabitants. Carreira´s book retells the story of the ever recurring famines and their effect on Capeverdeans. An important book to understand Capeverdean emigration.

Chabal, Patrick

The Postcolonial Literature of Lusophone Africa

Literature is always a great way of getting to understand a little of any given society.

Ellen, Maria M.

Across the Atlantic An Anthology of Cape Verdean literature

So far the biggest collection of fiction and poetry translated into English

Lobban, Richard

Cape Verde - Crioulo Colony to Independent nation

A great, brief introduction to Cape Verdean history up till the first multi-party elections. Every Capeverdean home should have one. Needs updating, though.

Lobban, Richard and

Lopes, Marlene

Historical dictionary of the Republic of Cape Verde 3rd ed.

Every Capeverdean home should have one

Meintel, Deirdre

Race, Culture and Portuguese Colonialism in Cabo Verde

Meintel visited Cape Verde in 1973, before the Independence. Some of her observations are still valid.

Parsons, Elsie Clews

Folk Lore from the Cape Verde Islands (orig.1924)

Vol. 1 (Eng.) & 2 (kriolu) . Superb! Parsons collected stories among Capeverdean immigrants in the 1920s!

For details on the books, consult our library


Our favorite CDs

Antonio Sanches

Buli Povo

Funana goes electric! Early 80s. Listen to Paulino Vieira´s arrangements. Heavy duty!!! António used to sell fish on the market in Achada Santo António, before going to Lisbon, where he made this album.



No way around this group

Cesaria Evora

Cabo Verde

No way around Cesaria, either. Here, she sings some good oldies, like Sangue di Beirona

Ferro Gaita

Fundu Baxu (1997)

The beginning of the new funana, returning to the original sound, maintaining the use of electric guitars and drums. This group has released 3 albums (+ one best of): Fundu Baxu, Rei di Tabanka, Bandera Liberdade (2003)

Frank Mimita

Hora já tchegá

A classic album from the time of Independence

Kodé di Dona

Djan bai

The master of funana, whose compositions are widely (ab)used by other artists. Here, he sings his own, Fomi 47, immortalized by Finaçon. Actually, I prefer the older record, titled simply with his name, but it is virtually impossible to find these days.


Di korpu ku alma (2004)

This young woman has a great voice, and on this CD she has gathered great music for major Capeverdean composers, Orlando Pantera, Tcheka, Katchas.

Paulino Vieira

M´cria ser poeta (1984)

Nha primeiro lar (1996)



The multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, singer!

Paulino Vieira´s never ever released live concerts with Cabo Verde goes Santana goes Manu Dibango goes rock recordings –never released. I heard them on a private MD and will not forget... )

Terezinha Araujo

Nôs Riqueza (2004)

Terezinha´s beautiful voice, combined with the music of Zé Carlos Schwarz (Guiné-Bissau), her father, José Araujo, her uncle, Eleutério Sanches, and other great Capeverdean composers, makes this one of the best CD to come out of these islands in this decade!

Listen for yourself!



Batuku straight into the soul! The best introduction to this old traditional singing

Various artists

Anthology 1959-1992 Buda records

Unique historical collection 2 CDs

Various artists

Music from Cape Verde Caprice Records

Folk music featuring Nacia Gomi (Queen of batuku), António Sanches & Tchota Suari (in a session of the most down-to-earth and raw funana ever) ++

Various artists


The new batuku wave (Vadú, Princezito, Tcheka, Djingo)


Hino d´Amor

One of the best Capeverdean pop albums ever, but you will have to tolerate the ever present synthesizers.



Our favorite songs

·         M´cria ser poeta: Paulino Vieira (The Capeverdean Love Song!)

·         Ka ta pupa: Ferro Gaita  (funana!)

·         Badju gaita Ferro gaita (- in the morning, everybody have gone home, except the hardiest guys...)

·         Tempu lachidu: Terrero (batuku classic with electric guitar! Beautiful!)

·         Ma n´ba des bes cumida da: Tcheka batuku goes rock´n roll!

·         Sambuna e finaçon: N´toni Denti d´Oro: - 16 min. 10 sec. of pure joy of this fabulous master of finasons!

·         Djonsinho Cabral: António Sanches and Tchota Suari -  It does not get more down to earth than this – the best raw funana recording ever
(beaten only by their own LP/CD Tchascam)!!!

·         Nhô Jon s´oa min non (Humbertona, Waldemar, Marcello on the LP Stora Stora (1971)  (acoustic, quiet, nostalgic)

·         Terra bô sabe: Tubarões  (the composer Renato Cardoso was mysteriously killed on the beach of Quebra Canela)

·         Alto cutelo (aka Disisperu) (probably composed by Renato Cardoso) sodadi!

·         Chema Lopi: Afrika Star -I love sema Lopi, but this version of his song, first known through Bulimundo´s adaptation, is great)

·         Hora já tchegá: Frank Cavaquim, but I like as sung by Frank Mimita – kick out the “Tuga” – the Portuguese!

·         Mundo ka cré, probably composed by Dany Mariano) sung by X-treme, Kings..

·         Fomi 47: Kodé di Dona (sung by Bulimundo, Simentera and others) – a classic on the “voluntary” going to S. Tomé plantations

·         Apili: J. C. Schwarz (actually born in G. Bissau, by a CV mother and a G. Bissau/German father), sung by Terezinha Araújo – her voice makes the whole story – a woman left alone by her man – for a more sophisticated lady after the war against the Portuguese has been won. Zé Carlos´ own version is more upbeat and lively, contrasting the sad lyrics. name a few..


For details on the music, consult our library of music

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