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Nancy Vieira: No amá


Nancy´s newest CD. Alongside Terezinha Araújo, my very favourite female singer from CV. (And yes, I do like Lura, too)

Listen to a clip 


Capeverdean classics on youtube


I have been searching for some of the classical performers and composers - incredible what can be found on youtube these days!


w/Paulino Vieira on vocals

This is true 
(an unusually funky tune)

Ano Nobo´s music:

Ano Nobo died 2004, he composed more than 400 songs, many of them became famous through singers like Ildo Lobo, Zéca di Nha Reinalda

Here are some of his songs performed by members of his family and neighbours.

mazurka "caldo tchitcharinho":
Camarada Pépé Lope: brass band version:
Badia di fora:

Quarteto de violões (alunos de Ano Nobo):


Sema Lopi, performing his own tune, Sema Lopi.

This song was "borrowed" and made famous by the first funana revival band, Bulimundo (their version here)








Sit in somewhere in Cape Verde. Lean back, dream on and enjoy



Jay Miolinho

CD: Momento certo

Jay plays with Norwegian musicians, even performed at the Gamboa 2009!

Check Jay´s home page for interview on "Jungeltelegrafen" on the NRK - National broadcasting of Norway, music stream, etc.

Check youtube: Jaylive at Mogador: Jay solo:  Só mi, Lingua universal,

and in old days, with Da Blazz: Rola dodo, Abençoados, Pamodi Ki En Ta Luta


Vadu´s second solo CD out!

On Dixi Rubera (2008), he further explored the African/European roots of the Capeverdean musical heritage.

Unfortunately, Vadú died in a car accident 2010. 
listen to La fora


Izé : Urb´ Africa

Izé has made music for movies, released 4 solo albums and 3 with La MC Malcriado. Listen and enjoy:

1 pa 10

Izé: Soku na rosto

La MC Malcriado / Izé I

Izé II Dão, dão, dão

Izé: Nen sin

La Mc: Nôs pobreza..

La Mc & Mayra: Mas amor..


Izé´s web site:



Search for Capeverdean music to buy




London, Lisbon,



    Tó Alves: Hó mãe mas justa

    was a pleasant surprise from Cesaria Evora´s cavaquinho player for many years. As the only singer in a family of musicians (brothers Kim and Kako, Djonsinho (their father), his first CD is full of everyday stories of love, parties, moral advice to youngsters, all in a characteristical, but still traditional, melodic style. Tó Alves is a great performer on stage, as well! This is one of our very, very favourite CDs! Watch him in an old duet with his brother, Kim. Watch him on a concert in Praia, summer 2007.


    You can get the CD here

    T´ó´s new CD Benson (a word for the formal greeting elderly, respected people) is now out. Update will follow. Listen here



    Terezinha Araujo: Nôs riqueza - an eternal beauty!

    Terezinha´s solo CD after leaving Simentera. She sings songs by José Carlos Schwarz (Guinea Bissau), by her father, Lurdes Van Dunem (Angola), and Abílio Duarte. A great voice and top quality musicians makes this a must in your collection of Capeverdean divas!


    Get it here


    Iduino & Nõs Kultura: Batuku grande

    Iduino (Estevão Tavares) is one of the founders of Ferro Gaita, the band that revived funana as one of the preferres popular musical styles on the Cape Verdean stage. Here, he goes solo, working with the batukaderas Terrero (one of my favorite roots batuku performers, now out with their 2nd album, Senegalese musicians, and Cesaria´s touring comrades and more. A very good production, although I personally miss the more edgy power-sound of the Ferro Gaita.

    Read an interview with Iduino


    Bau & Voginha: Relembrando os mestres

    This CD contains guitar music written by renowned Capeverdean composers, like Luís Rendall, Vasco Martins and Tazinho. It is slightly introvert, and as great acompanion to a night on the veranda, as in front of the fireplace. So far, no known distributor in Europe, so buy a ticket to Cape Verde!


    Listen to them live (Sodade)


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