Things to do in Praia

Updated:  October 14th, 2004
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Arriving unprepared, you risk losing all the fun. The photo above is from Praia´s cathedral´s
100 years´ anniversary in 2002.

Below are some ideas on how to get to know more about Praia.

Check out our tips for bathing in and around Praia.

The outdoor food market

Look out for coffee from Fogo, the delicious sour-sop (a big, green fruit with sour-sweet meat inside),
the cinnamon cake, the choriço (spicy sausages), the toresma (crispy, fried pork meat/fat), or just
take in the atmosphere! Please respect that many of the vendors do not appreciate being photographed.

Sucupira - the outdoor supermarket

A big market down at Fazenda, below the Plató. The central mini bus station for all destinations except Cidade Velha (up on Terra Branca).
Capeverdean CDs (ask for Zé di Sucupira), clothes, cloths, furniture, radios, shoes, shaving gel, batteries for any wish and watch. Lively, currently slightly dominated by West Africans crowding the country to make a living. As markets like this tend to be, it is a bit labyrintic. Bargaining is compulsory, but not too much..
Closed Sundays, when the square nearby is crowded with people selling off stuff sent them form relatives living abroad.

If you do not like markets like this, the boring (because it is just like home), but very efficient supermarket Kalú & Angela in Achadinha is an option.

Night life

There are a few discos in town. They all play the captivating Capeverdean music, mixed with international hits. Here are our favourites

Live music:

Capeverdeans love to sing and play. There are many great talents, and they are often to be seen and heard in the all to few live spots. They eenter, sings a couple of their favorites, and then leave for an other place. Most people go out around midninght, but music starts araound 9 PM.

Eating out

 Day time leisure

Buy Capeverdean music?

 - Ask for the "Verão" or "Bale pena" series for pop music, or Lura, a young artist with a great voice!
 - Ask for funana the typical Santiago style music, intense, party dance! Ferro Gaita are the best today. "Fidjus di funana" vol 1 and II are CDs
with a good mixture of artists
 - For more Santiago roots style: Terrero´s "Xubenga" is a great CD with the old traditional "batuku"
 - Ask for mornas and koladeras: Terezinha Araújo, Cesaria Evora, Tito Paris, Dudu Araújo, Maria de Barros,
Read my article on batuku

Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha is THE historical focal point of Cape Verde, being the site for the first bishop in "Tropical Europe", the first capital of Cape Verde and a slave market, from where thousands of people were sold to work in the Americas and Caribbean.

Mini buses leaves from Terra Branca, right before entering the Achada Santo António. The trip takes ca 20 minutes. Go there to relax, wander in the quiet among the small houses, some still with the typical straw roofs. The first cathedral has been restored. Enjoy the view from there! W sugar canes, pawpaw and mango trees, and then ask for a Coral, the local beer (the factory was set up by a famous Danish brewery..), and moreia frita - or fried muray.

For a commercial list, see Guia de Cabo Verde (English, Portuguese, and Italian), or the Yellow pages.

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